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  Company Overview
As a sinoforeign joint ventures, Shenzhen Devofast Holding Company Limited was established with registered capital of RMB11.5 million. DevoFast sells imported wine and liquor, devoted to recommending and providing imported wine and liquor with original packaging to Chinese consumers. The company's headquarters is located in Hong Kong and its national operation headquarters in Shenzhen supplies goods to the whole country. The company has created a strict and efficient product marketing model with emphasis on the building and development of the marketing system according to its actualities and the basic characteristics of current products, thereby establishing good faith relations with customers and improving customers' satisfaction with products. By integrating the resources of manufacturers and agencies of wine and foreign liquor in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the company distributes products directly to business operators, which reduces circulation steps and operating cost and sharpens product competitiveness. In addition, the company provides regional protection for authorized dealers that sell wine with self-operated brands and foreign liquor, maximizing the protection of their interests.
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  Corporate Idea
Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the principle of good faith operation, acted under the guidance of customer demand, aimed to satisfy customers, and fully tapped the product agency market. Up to now, the company has formed good business relations with several countries foreign chateaux and made outstanding achievements. Based on delicate technical popularization and mature market development, the company has a good reputation in both Chinese and international markets. We will continue to expand product varieties, make every effort to enrich drink culture and provide Chinese consumers with the highest-quality and most favorable wine and foreign liquor. Franchises are available in all the provinces and cities of China. Let's join hands in developing China's market of wine and foreign liquor with infinite opportunities.
Business Advantages
As a seller of high-quality imported wine and liquor, Shenzhen Devofast Holding Company Limited uses the original packaging for all products and transports them in thermal insulation form to guarantee their quality and mouthfeel, so that domestic dealers and consumers can operate and drink our products with ease.
DevoFast Advantages
DevoFast Advantages
Custom Honourary
Devofast has been issued A class qualification from China Customs. The A rating is the second highest rating that can be awarded to a Chinese enterprise, exporting and importing products to and from the mainland, with less than 10% of enterprises to receive this honor. This rating is only awarded to enterprises with high value imports and exports, low error rate of declarations, accurate accounts keeping, business records, operations and management, and credit record.