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Wine Market Opportunities According data from China customs, China's wine import achieved a year-on-year growth of 32.5% from January to July 2009, surpassing that of Japan as Asia's largest wine consumer; furthermore, as China is an emerging wine consumer, only 1%-2% of its white-collar and gold-collar workers know how to drink wine, while the percentage may reach 10% in Hong Kong and Singapore and 40%-50% in developed countries. What's more, China is a great power gaining strong momentum of economic development, so the demand for wine is gradually rising with the continuous improvement in the living standard and the consumptive level. The decrease in the wine import tariff and the cutdown of the import and export threshold offer additional opportunities for wine to enter China. Various data shows that imported wine in China will have huge development room in the coming days.

DevoFast is not only a trader of imported high-grade wine and liquor, but also the exclusive agent of Prome, Keseus and Sorwin in China. To seek joint development in the Chinese wine and liquor market, our company welcomes dealers all over the country to join our team. You can become our regional dealer at no franchise fee as long as your first purchase reaches our designated amount. We take concrete measures to protect dealers' interests and rights.
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